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Ways On How To Keep The Sabbath Holy

How to keep the Sabbath as found in the fourth commandment is a question that has occupied God’s children since time immemorial. Nowadays this is especially true to Sabbath keeping churches such as Seventh-day Adventist and Seventh day Baptist churches.

These two churches still observe the Sabbath on Saturday like the Jews and do not subscribe to the belief that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday by the apostles. They therefore believe that Saturday is the Christian Sabbath and not Sunday.

When it comes to Sabbath observance, we have those who believe in strict Sabbath observance following every instruction in the Bible. Some of these Sabbath keepers continue to believe that issues such as cooking on the Sabbath should still not be allowed on Lord’s day. On the other hand we have some Sabbath keepers who believe that certain issues such as not cooking on the Sabbath are no longer relevant due to the ease of cooking nowadays in affluent societies at least.

These issues are not new as even in the Bible people debated them . We all have to prayerfully consider the issues and let the Spirit guide us on what is best.

Whatever the case and however we choose to keep the Sabbath holy let us make sure to make the Sabbath a happy day of rest  for us and the family.

When Christ was on earth, the Sabbath had been made a burden by man made rules that He was forced to confront this. Christ taught them that the Sabbath was made for the good of man.

God gave us the Sabbath rest as a day for our benefit and not as a burden. The rest he commanded us to have  was for our benefit and the benefit of others. He therefore taught that it is good to do good on the Sabbath. If we are to have positions on the Sabbath keeping, our reference has to be the holy Bible and not the teachings of man no matter how sincere.

In the video below, Pastor Kenneth Cox preaches on how to keep the Sabbath. He goes into the word of Bible to show us how to keep the Sabbath.

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