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Sabbath: Fathfulness Is Required

Ben and Fred operated a service station in Lodi, California. For years the two men had been Sabbath-keepers, but since the oil company insisted that the station be open seven days a week, the two hired another man to operate the  business on Saturday. Business dwindled. A regional company official investigated.

“You are not loyal Sabbathkeepers,” he said. “If you were, you would not operate the station on Saturday.” After giving the men some counsel on faithfulness, he took away their franchise.

The two new operators were also Sabbathkeepers, but they closed the station every Saturday, and their business prospered. Many months later the regional  manager called. “Your sales for six days a week have far surpassed the highest sales of the station when it waas open seven days.”

Later the district manager accompanied the regional official in an inspection visit to the area and expressed his appreciation for the improved appearance of the station.

“These men keep the station open only six days a week,” the district manager  informed him.

“They can’t do that,” the higher official declared. “Our stations must be open seven days  a week.”

Sales records were produced, and the regional man wase satisfied. “If it works like that, we had better let all our men do as they do,” he decided.

Mary Ewing, of Louisville, Kentucky, was a secretary of ran important firm. For five years she struggled with her conscience over the Sabbath question.

“I’m sure my boss will never let me have Saturday off,” she kept telling herself.

Finally she could go on no longer, and she wrote a letter of resignation in shorthand and was sitting at her typewriter transcribing it when her boss walked in.

“Miss Ewing,” he began, “we have decided to close the office on Saturdays. We are going on a five-day week.”

For this secretary who had at last decided to obey God, this passage of Scripture took on real meaning: “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking , I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24.

Whether we are in our own business or employed in the service of others, God honors faithfulness. There are over two million seventh-day-Sabbath-keeping Christians around the world, and God never fails to fulfill His promise to help when they bring their lives into harmony with His will.

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