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God Honors the Obedient

Bill Manley, a construction worker who kept the seventh-day Sabbath, had just started a new job. He worked hard and well, and his plates, his studdings, his rafters – whatever he made – he fashioned with utmost skill and thoroughness. He worked with a silent prayer that God would help him be a good craftsman.

On Wednesday Bill  went to his new employer before quiting time to tell him that he would not be at work on Saturday.

“Mr. Lawson, ” Bill began,  “I keep the Sabbath, so I can’t be here to work on Saturday. I have worked three days or you now. You have seen my work and can decide whether you want to continue my employment despite the inconvinience of my being off on Saturday. I’d very much like to work for you. But if my work isn’t satisfactory, you will have two or three days to find someone to take my place before Saturday.”

Mr. Lawson scratched his head and said, “Well, Bill, you are a bit out of killer with the world, but you have done good work and you have been fair in letting me know. We pay every Saturday noon. I’ll just put your check in your toolbox, and you can get it anytime you want to after your Sabbath.”

Bill honored God by obeying His commandments, by keeping the Sabbath. God honored Bill by helping him do top quality work by helping him to always have work with his Sabbaths free. Like Bill, we can depend upon God to do His part when we do ours. Just trust Him!

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